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TTPL  |  Title Transfer Property Lawyers

Conveyancing Process


Take Sellers Instruction with completed Fixtures and Fittings and Sellers Property Information form

Obtain Title Deeds

Apply for Office Copy Entries or Index map search

Prepare and issue Draft Contract to buyers solicitor

Reply to enquiries raised by Buyers solicitor

Agree form of Contract, deposit and completion date

Arrange for Seller to sign the Contract

Exchange Contracts

Obtain Redemption Statement

Respond to Completion Information and Requisitions on Title Form

Approve Draft Conveyance/Transfer

Arrange for the Seller to Sign the Conveyance/Transfer


Obtain monies from Buyers solicitors

Release keys

Send Conveyance/Transfer, Title Deeds, Undertaking to redeem mortgages to Buyers solicitors

Account to Seller for sale proceeds


Take instructions from Buyer

Examine Draft Contract

Make searches eg. Local, Water, Environmental, Mining etc

Investigate Title

Send relevant documents to Buyers

Approve Contract and send enquiries to Sellers solicitor

Check replies to enquiries and results of searches

Check mortgage instructions and conditions

Arrange for Buyer to sign Contract, Mortgage offer and provide deposit

Check Insurances for Buildings and Life are in place

Prepare and supply Completion Statement to Buyer requesting monies required

Exchange Contracts

Draft Transfer and send to Sellers solicitor with Completion Information and Requisitions on Title

Examine replies to Completion Information and Requisitions on Title

Engross the Transfer

Obtain Buyers signature

Send Transfer to Sellers solicitor for signature

Carry out pre-completion Searches e.g. Land Registry, Bankruptcy

Submit Certificate of Title

Check results of pre-completion searches

Check completion funds have been received from Mortgage Lender and Buyer


Check Seller has signed Transfer

Obtain Sellers solicitors undertaking to discharge any mortgages

Pay purchase monies to Sellers solicitors

Check Contract, enquiries, requisitions and correspondence for any additional completion requirements

Request dated Transfer and Key release

Submit Land Transaction Return to Inland Revenue

Give Notice regarding Life Policies and charge if applicable

Check Title Information from Land Registry

Send copies of Buyer’s Title to them for records

Confirm registration of Title to mortgage lender